Friday, June 21, 2013


The new owners of our fifth wheel and truck flew in to town on Wednesday, spent the night in the trailer and had hitched up before we could make it over to help in the morning.  John and Carol were anxious, nervous and excited about heading out on the road to work their way back to Massachusetts.  Denny and I gave them a couple of last minute pointers, sprayed some silicon on the jacks which had been sitting in one place in the heat for two months after which I did my final walk around (old habits are hard to break) and then we waved as the happy new owners pulled out of the campground.
John and Carol aren't new to camping or rving, nor are they even new to us; we first met this wonderful couple in 2011.  The two of them had flown down a month ago to look at the rig again and assure themselves that they still wanted to purchase the combo of truck and rig and Denny and I showed them around The Villages while they were here.  When they flew back home a couple of days later, it was agreed that a smiling John and Carol would be the new owners of the The Beast and Black Beauty.

And so I've reached the final post in this eighth year of blogging.  One more and it would have been post 1998--the year we started our fulltime journey.  But that's okay--I've never liked things all neat and tidy anyway.  I've created a new blog but I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be writing many posts for a while because I'm just a bit burned out on blogging.  We're still making the transition from rather irresponsible RVers to responsible homeowners (being a grown up isn't all that's it's cracked up to be) and realizing how in so many ways life on the road is easier.  But Denny and I are working on settling in and creating a new lifestyle here--heck, I've even gotten Denny to agree to a 7 AM tee time in order to beat the heat and that's quite a sacrifice on his part since 7 AM is normally about the time he's rolling out of bed.  Hee. Life is still good, it's just different and that's just fine with us.

Happy trails to those of you on the road.
The End
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