Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Indeed, I have been remiss in posting. My time online (except for brief periods of madness playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook in an attempt to keep up with Deana) has been spent researching collectibles rather than reading blogs and updating my own.

Yesterday my cousin Datha drove over from Indiana to help with the unpacking, sorting and setting up of multiple crates of well-wrapped goodies. These were things my parents had purchased back in the day they were antique dealers. That was pre-1994 so the prices that are currently on the items are sadly out of date for this economy. Antiques and collectibles run in cycles like clothing styles, and so what was popular when they were buying and selling a decade or two ago simply is not of interest to the current group of collectors. Thus I am trying to figure out what the market will bear price-wise and tag things accordingly.

Because Patches is starting to get a bit neurotic from traveling back and forth to Grandma's house, I am staying here and Denny is commuting from the campground. At the house, Patches has a cat door and free access to the fenced backyard while at home she has to wait to be walked on a leash. I don't think she likes the aroma here at Grandma's house either--a mixture of stale cigarette smoke and musty basement dust currently from all the things we're hauling out, brushing off and moving around. Denny left after dinner last night, which meant Datha and I could relax with an Amaretto Sour and talk the night away. And we did.

Today, we'll do it all over again.


SkippyMom said...

Ahhhh...and Amaretto Sour, kicking your feet up sounds so delicious. And tell Datha I love her name! :)

I know it is hard being away from Denny, but you are a good cat Momma. Do what you have to do, right?

It will all be finished soon. You will be back in the fresh air, with your hubby and thrilling us with your travels.

Take care. And as they say "Get 'er done!" [did I spell that right? I am southern...giggle]

SkippyMom said...

*AN Amaretto Sour - threw in the "d" by mistake. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that it is quite the undertaking going through all of these collected items. Must be kind of interesting as well. Wonder if the "Antiques Roadshow" will be visiting your neighborhood any time soon. :-)

p.s. Love the lilacs. Still waiting for mine to bloom.

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