Friday, September 02, 2011

Today We're the Windshield

Usually in our relationship with The Beast, Denny and I are the bugs but today we were the windshield.  And that feels good!

For well over a year, I've had problems with the microwave going black on me when we move to a new campground or if I grab a bottle of vitamins from the cabinet where its electric cord plugs into the outlet.  Denny has insisted that the prongs of the power cord need to be spread as the cord is simply falling out of the plug because it is loose.  I've tried that; no it isn't.  Since we were planning a trip to one of the big box hardware stores this morning Denny said we'd look for some type of adapter to make the plug fit better.  Hmph.

As his wife of many, many years I have discovered that the best way to get Denny to check something/fix something is to START TO FIX IT MYSELF!  Because *gasp*!  That is something a manly man does!  Therefore, right after breakfast I proceeded to empty out the cupboard after turning off the circuit breaker to the microwave (daddy didn't raise no dummy) and thence to pry off the cover to the electrical outlet and look closely where I found...a melted section on one leg of the outlet.  Yup, more collateral damage from the big power-surge-that-was-really-a-malfunctioning-power-cord (I'm talking to YOU Heartland RV factory!) While Denny took over the removal of the electrical outlet and took it apart to see what type of electrical expertise it would take to install a new one, I plopped my rear end down at the computer to find a new part.

This is where the happy dance begins.  Calling the only RV dealer in town I find they have one fixture that they believe is what I need, although they have a different electrical outlet that they think would work if the first option wasn't right.  And this place is only five miles away.  And it causes us to pass an apple orchard where they have fresh apple cider.  And whoopie pies.  And freshly picked peaches.  And the part turns out to be inexpensive.  And we find what we need at the big box hardware store, cheaper than we've found elsewhere.  And we take all of our pieces parts home and they all go where they are supposed to go and the microwave works and Denny didn't get zapped by any stray electrical current.  And so we aren't the bugs today.  Yay! 

P.S. And yes, all those "ands" were intentional. Lighten up.


SkippyMom said...

Touchy. heehee

We got it. And it was funny. So glad for you. My favorite part was when you said Denny didn't get zapped. Always a good thing. :)

Now I want whoopie pies and apple cider. YUM.

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, when you chose to win, you go all out. What a plus day. "And" I think I will pick up some peaches today now thanks to you.

Anvilcloud said...

I got quite a charge out of this post.

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