Monday, October 10, 2011

Down Time

I realize I've been AWOL for several days.  That will probably continue as the RV Vagabonds are spending the next five weeks here at Myrtle Beach.  That means a lot of walking the beach looking for beach glass and sharks' teeth with the main destination being the state park pier where there is an ice cream freezer.  The park staff is very generous when they make ice cream cones and the mile long walk back to the campground helps remove a few of the calories said ice cream cone adds to our bodies.

We have a couple of repairs to be made to the rig, which will be worked on here on our campsite this morning.  Gotta love mobile RV repair service.  It's raining so I didn't make it to the beach for the sunrise but there will be other days.  After the repairmen leave I might work on replacing the wallpaper border in the bathroom, or read a book, or update my journal.  That's how life goes on the beach--there's a lot of quiet time.  If I need activity, there's the Wii Fit or Just Dance 2 or Walk with Leslie or even some Sweatin' with the Oldies and Richard Simmons.

What there probably won't be are a lot of blog posts.  You may find some photographs on my Facebook or Webshots page but that will be about it.  MB for us is a place to kick back, socialize with the neighbors at happy hour, get maintenance done and breathe deeplyNone of which makes fascinating blog fodder, although you never know what might pop up.

Until then, I'll be on the beach--see ya around.


SkippyMom said...

Blog, schmog. Enjoy yourselves. We'll still be here, but yes please share the pics. Oh, and if you go anywhere really good to eat, I want to hear all about it. heehee

Say hi to my kitty and Mr. Vagabraun for me. Hugs!

Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful shot of the ocean and sun. If I had that to look at, I wouldn't blog at all.
Just make sure those shark's teeth are not attached.

Anvilcloud said...

I say up with down time. Nice photo. Good capture of the plane.

stillhowlyn said...

Haven't been to that area in a few years. Love the 'Low Country'!

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