Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We're in Limbo. Oklahoma.

Okay, so it's not a town in Oklahoma but simply our current state of mind and position in life . After two days we're still waiting for the parts department of the company-that-does-not-care aka Heartland RV Mfg. to respond to our service department to tell them whether or not parts are available to fix the broken roller on our kitchen slideout. TWO DAYS!!! You see, the parts department does not take telephone orders from their dealers; the service departments of the dealerships HAVE TO SEND A FAX REQUEST FOR PARTS!!! Is that unbelievable or what? So we wait, which means we are now on our eighth day of having only half of the floor space in The Beast and no access to my pots and pans, mixing bowls, toaster and various electrical kitchen appliances. I have one cast iron skillet that I can get to and I can cook on the stove if I reach over the kitchen island and the four inch gap to the stove and stand on my tip toes. I can reach the microwave enough to slide a dish inside and hit the controls but I'm stretched way sideways to do it. The alternative is to eat out all the time and I'll have to tell you, that gets darned expensive. Thus, we here at Chez Disaster on Wheels have not been in the best of moods lately. And yes, I'm very whiny.

On the positive side, by being here in Oklahoma City, currently known as Limbo, I was able to meet up with a high school classmate who had driven down from Tulsa to bring her friend to the OU Medical Center for a procedure. We met down in Bricktown for lunch (which was at the corner of Sheridan and Mantle (for Mickey) Blvd. near Johnny Bench Dr. ((go Big Red Machine!))) It was great to hear about her life in the forty+ years since we graduated and Denny and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Leigh Anne and meeting her long time friend Sheila. Visiting with them and getting out of The Beast for a while was just what the doctor ordered.

Word is, come this weekend Boris and Natasha might just blow into town too. Limbo's looking better.


Anvilcloud said...

Hope the frustration ends soon for you.

Tracy said...

What do you want to do while in OKC? I can suggest several things to occupy your time. OKC Memorial, OKC Zoo (although only if it warms up). If you come to Norman we have the Sam Noble Museum, Fred Jones Museum.

And there is some good golf. Oak Tree and the OU course are good.

cathie said...

I second the suggestion for the OKC Memorial. Worth seeing.

Paul and Mary said...

We're looking forward to seeing y'all!!!

I'll e-mail you with deets!

Hang in there....and get out and about. Believe me, it helps!!!!

To "second" what others have said, the memorial is definitely worth the trip, if you haven't been there. And, we hear the cowboy museum is supposed to be cool. And, then there's that sushi restaurant!

Take care!

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