Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bird Watching Between Rain Showers

 Over the years in many states we've heard people say "if you don't like the weather here in * (* insert city/state), then just wait a few minutes.  Well, this week Denny and I arrived in the San Joaquin valley for the first time and that's what the weather has been like.  Sunny and warm, followed by wind and cold, followed by overcast skies, followed by rain.  Repeat over and over.  Patches and I bundle up for our walk, the sun comes out and we start to wander then the wind picks up and clouds blow in and then it's raining on us.  Brrr.

So Denny and I have been doing minor projects and surfing the 'net and I've taken quick snapshots here and there throughout the week.  Next week is supposed to be better and we're hoping to get a round of golf and some sightseeing in at that time.  

All of the birds in the next two photos are here in our campground.  So far I've spotted hawks, turkey vultures (there should also be California condors in the area but I've not seen one yet), wild turkeys, California towhees, rufous hummingbirds, Anna's hummingbirds, California quail, scrub jays, yellow billed magpies, ravens, some type of woodpeckers (the old growth trees here are huge and the woodpeckers stay in the uppermost branches and are too far away to photograph), white capped sparrows, bluebirds, wrens, swallows, robins, black phoebes, Northern flickers and starlings. 

 The hillside to the rear of our rig is home to a huge number of gophers which chirp like prairie dogs to warn each other whenever Patches and I step out of the rig.  A coyote trotted past on our first afternoon here and deer wander the far end of the campground.  The clubhouse has photos of a resident bobcat, but I've not spotted him yet and don't know if he's still around.
Patches much prefers her method of being outside to the cage-in-the-window for the two cats of our nearest neighbors.

I had to show those who don't see my Facebook photos this hairless cat, Zoe, who was visiting the folks next to us at our last campground.  Zoe's owner has to be sure that she doesn't get too chilled as she only has a very fine covering of fuzz on her body, along with a patch of white fur around her nose and ears.  Zoe has pale blue eyes and it feels very strange to pet her, believe me.
Because of all the rain I have been making good use of my Kindle.  Once I discovered I could download books from my hometown library I've been in seventh heaven as some of the free books on can be a bit poorly edited to say the least, although I've read some good stories from their free selections also.  But another source I take advantage of is BookBub which occasionally offers free books but more often offers deeply discounted ebooks.  I will say, if we keep running into bad weather, I'm going to have to consider getting Denny his own Kindle as we pass mine back and forth right now since I've almost eliminated all of our paperback and hardback books. I never thought I'd like the Kindle but it's one of my favorite electronic toys now.  I currently have 4 games and 96 books in it--can you imagine how much cupboard space 96 books would take up?  

Oh look--the sun is out.  Time to see how long Patches and I can walk before the rains come again...


Arkansas Patti said...

I love the cat porch. What a neat idea.
You really have a variety of birds. Great shots.
This year it has been hard to clean out a seasonal closet. I still need coats, sweatshirt, and shorts. Sheech.

Anvilcloud said...

Good update. It must be nice to spot all of the birds and other wildlife.

E Squared and Mui said...

Nice wildlife sightings without having to go too far. That's a good campground in my book.

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