Saturday, May 05, 2012

Rain and Sunshine in Yosemite

Today's post is simply a pictorial blog of Yosemite.

First, a tribute to Ansel Adams.
The Big Meadow.
Bridal Veil Creek.
On a good day you'll get soaked by the mist at Bridal Veil Falls but on a rainy day it's truly difficult to get a good photograph because you can't keep your lens dry for more than a fraction of a second.
And so you return on a sunny day and stand farther away.  Actually, after a couple of days of rain the sloped footpath to the falls was awash with running water.

This is where Denny and I chose to eat our picnic lunch; Cathedral Beach with a side view of El Capitan.
Distant Half Dome.
Approaching El Capitan.
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.
Denny and I spent a lot of time taking photographs of couples and groups (especially for the foreign tourists) using their cameras and in return had our photo taken a couple of times.  After once or twice Denny says "enough!"  This is Cascade Creek.
Glacier Point Road was opened about five weeks earlier than it was last year so we had the opportunity to drive it.  I must admit, there are times I wish we had a small vehicle and driving this road as we neared the Glacier Point overlook was one of them as the road narrowed to the point that we were straddling the lane lines.  Certainly the view is worth it, agreed?
El Capitan in the clouds.
Half Dome from the Tunnel View overlook.
The Nevada and Vernal Falls with Half Dome.
A group of teens was having a snowball fight in this patch of snow along Glacier Point road.
According to our GPS the highest elevation we reached on our drive on Glacier Point Road was 7,755 feet.  This is definitely "ooooo--ahhhhh!" country.
Just some highlights of a couple of wonderful days in Yosemite.  This is why we travel and why we're not quite ready to settle down; there's so much more out there to see.


Arkansas Patti said...

Totally awesome pictures. Ansel would have been jealous.

E Squared and Mui said...

Totally wonderful; hope to visit someday. I especially like that first shot in B&W, but your picnic site comes in a close second.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Great photo trip for us. So glad you all are back in the land of the internet. Missed your postings.

Anvilcloud said...

I had to switch into slideshow mode to see these larger. What a treat!

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