Friday, April 05, 2013

Looking Back While Moving Forward

Do you remember your first apartment or house?  When I moved out as soon as I turned twenty-one (because that was the age one became legally an adult back in the dark ages) I started out with very little.  I bought myself a new queen sized bed, I took my little antique student desk as a dresser, I borrowed a daybed and added those big armed pillows to create a sofa and had an inflatable chair to act as my living room furniture.  Borrowed fiberboard end tables completed the look there and my parents loaned me a set of their ice cream tables and chairs from their soda fountain business as my dinette set.  I was good to go!

Now, forty years later I am doing that all over again--starting life in a house with no furniture, just some kitchenware, linens and office stuff.  I have to say, it's a bit intimidating to walk into furniture stores these days--when asked what style I like I have no clue.  I've lived in less than 400 square feet with furniture in various tones of browns, beiges, grays and blacks for the last fifteen years--the idea of color is exhilarating!

Denny is being driven nuts in the meantime, being asked "do you like this?  What do you think of that?  Is this table too big for the space?"  Given his druthers, he'd go for the whole house package deal.  Just give him his electric recliner (on order) and his new, much larger TV and he'll be happy.  For a while, I'll once again be living with a loaner couch (yes, the furniture store that has ordered our living room furniture is providing us with a loaner couch until our stuff can be delivered in another four or five weeks) and a lot of bare space.  We won't be ready for guests for a while yet, but once The Beast and Black Beauty are sold we will be able to finish all the shopping and getting.

Speaking of our RV and truck, we have a wonderful couple interested in the pair of them.  Denny and I met the two of them when we were touring the eastern seaboard a couple of years ago and they were curious to see what a Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon looked like so we had them come by for a look.  Serendipity has thrown us together again and The Beast may soon have new owners.  In the past, I've always wondered where our previous RVs ended up and what kind of adventures the owners were having and if this all works out, I'll be able to follow The Beast's future travels.  How fun is that?

In the meantime, Denny and I close on our new-to-us sticks and bricks on Monday.  Photo story to follow.  


Linda Wildenstein said...

It must be quite and adventure in shopping for you since there has been none of the home decorating on a large scale in the last 15. And I do know the hurumpffff and sigh when it comes to decisions. Either Sweet Man could care less of he gets in my way with an opinion.....I mean sure, I asked but did I really want one????? uh, no.
I'm very excited for you and Denny. Heck, a neato recliner, bigger TV and golf courses galore....he's all set. Now I'm anxious to see what kinda "trouble" you achieve with your photos of your choices. Oma Linda

Anvilcloud said...

Wow! I hadn't realized that this was all happening so soon. All the best.

Journeyin' Lady... said...

For awhile at least you are not going to know what to do with all of that space! Have fun.

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