Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up in Atlantic City

Denny and I made a day of it in Atlantic City today. We were meeting friends for lunch so we left at breakfast time to make our way up the coastline at a leisurely pace, stopping to have breakfast on the way. We marveled at the huge homes in Margate, NJ just south of AC and reveled in yet another sunny day.

Since we were way early to meet our friends, Denny and I wandered the Boardwalk and the beach, finding some beach glass but no sharks' teeth. We hit a couple of the casinos and browsed through the very pricey shops in Caesar's Pier Shops, just missing the lighted water fountain show. Lunch was at Carmine's where one salad and one entree and one dessert would serve 8 people (I'm not kidding, I brought home five 6"x 9" pans of leftovers). Excellent food, excellent service, very pricey but worth the extravagance.

Denny and John did a lot of reminiscing, Nancy and I talked about everything under the sun. Denny, John and Nancy knew each other from Denny's days in Cleveland (well before my time) but we have a wonderful time when we visit. I wish I had scanned the picture of the softball team that Denny gave to John today that was from their time together back then; oh they were young!

It was one of those perfect days that makes you glad to be alive.

Although the day was warm and sunny, most people were on the Boardwalk rather than on the beach.

These palm trees looked so sad and pathetic; we're used to the much healthier ones at Myrtle Beach and down in Florida.

I think this is the amusement park known as the Steel Pier; this is a zoom shot taken from the Pier Shops by Caesar's.

I keep forgetting that a picture that looks good on the LCD screen of my old camera sometimes looks better than it does on the bigger screen of the computer. I thought our waitress had taken a decent shot of the four of us, but I was wrong. However, the blurriness does soften the wrinkles, so that's a good thing, right?


SkippyMom said...

The palm trees made me giggle - you aren't kidding, they are pathetic [I have only seen the ones in SC and even those are better - what is NJ thinking?]

Your pic is so cute. You guys look like you are having a great time.

Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Good times with old friends. Who could ask for more. :-)

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