Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raining on My Parade

We have a noon tee time today which is when the showers we are currently experiencing are supposed to change to thunderstorms. That's not a good time to be waving a metal club around in the air. So golf in New Jersey might just have to wait until our next visit since the price to play goes back up tomorrow. We refuse to pay $180 for the two of us to play golf. Ohio golf courses spoiled us for life for being able to play great golf courses at extremely reasonable prices.

Yesterday Denny and I spent another afternoon with his cousin Wanda. Denny's culinary creation this time was a Dutch appie pie. The good news is, we left the pie with Wanda. The bad news is, we left the pie with Wanda. Which is one reason why Wanda is smiling in this picture.

It has been an enjoyable stay here in Ocean View, NJ. The campground has cleared out quite a bit since we arrived so it's quiet and peaceful. The maintenance staff has spent the past two days emptying out the water park's pool so I guess that means the camping season is officially over in this part of the state.

I try to find something to photograph each time Patches and I wander around outside (it's not always a "walk" when we go out). This time it was a spider that was crossing from one spike of sea grass to another. I missed that, but caught him going from one leaf to the next after he landed.

The diva sometimes just sits, surveying her domain.

So far, East coast sunsets haven't been very exciting. There hasn't been a lot of humidity in the air, therefore few clouds have popped up in the evening to reflect the setting sun. This is all I've gotten so far.

Very bright security lights here in the campground preclude any night time shots of the sky, but I did catch a sliver of the moon at dusk the other day. I've still got a lot to learn about my new camera, even though I've had it for several months now.


SkippyMom said...

I have to learn how to use my camera too [I have had it for two 1/2 years,eek!] Sorry you missed golf [$180 -- that is absurd]I hope it stops raining soon for you.

I love the pic of Denny and Wanda - they look like bro' & sis' than cousins - it really is a lovely pic.

Have a safe trip and a happy day!

Anonymous said...

The newer cameras are full of bells and whistles. I don't think I will ever have mine figured out completely... or else I simply forget how a feature works by the time I get around to using it again. But your pictures are lovely. My favourites in this set are the sliver of a moon and the one of pretty Patches. What a sweet face she has. :-)

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