Sunday, December 13, 2009

We're Off

Today we start our trek to Indiana to pick up the new fifth wheel. It will take us four days of driving to get there and we're hoping for dry weather with temperatures above freezing while we're en route. I have little hope of decent temperatures in Elkhart; it's just too far north for that.

Poor Patches will hate all of this; being tossed into the truck daily for the long drives and then once we arrive we'll be set up inside the RV dealer's service building where she won't be able to wander around. It will take us a couple-three days to haul our belongings from one trailer to the other and then we'll once again be on the road for four days returning to Willis to title and register the new trailer. Everything will be a mess until Denny can get some shelves built and installed in the cabinets and closets and we get everything put away to our liking. There will be frustration, because for weeks we'll not be able to find anything--we've been through this three times already so we know. It doesn't make for the best of holiday seasons and I've been struggling to find my "ho,ho,ho" this year.

I'll try to remember to take pictures of the new trailer before we toss all of our "stuff" in and maybe a few pictures of the mess in the process of being stored away. This is what it looked like when we moved from our 38 foot motorhome to our 36 foot fifth wheel.We ended up hauling a convertible full of stuff to my mom's house to be sold in a garage sale, plus donated bags of unneeded items that had been sitting unused in the cupboards. This time around I've been sorting through cupboards over the past couple of weeks and dropping things of at local charities before we make the switch. It took me a while, but I do learn!

Check back in a week to find if I still have any hair or if I've pulled it all out.


ZDENNY said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... this does sound like a busy time. But a new 5th wheel.. once all the work is done.. sounds exciting. Good luck with all of this.

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