Monday, February 28, 2011

Week Three

I thought I had my Internet connection problems licked when I removed the Ethernet connection cable and decided to rely on the wireless network card also installed on the desktop PC. That lasted all of three days before I started losing the satellite connection on the desktop while still having a great connection on the two laptops. Arrrggghhhhh. Of course, all of our important stuff, everyday stuff, pictures, etc are on the big computer (which has been backed up to an external hard drive in case you wanted to bring that up) and I just like my big screen monitor.

Since we had to go out to buy more of the world's best grapefruit grown here in the RGV (Rio Stars and Rio Reds) I decided to take the advice of Bill and Blars by buying a USB to Ethernet adapter. Fortunately the local Radio Shack carried one since there are no computer big box stores in this area. Once home, I started the installation of the drivers while fixing lunch and by the time we were finished eating I was back on line.

Computer 1, Linda 1. However, I'm afraid this computer is on a slow downhill slide to oblivion. Curses.
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SkippyMom said...

Glad you are still hanging in there.

How big are the grapefruit there? The reason I ask is the ones the import to here are as big as cantaloupes and I am afraid to buy them because I don't know if they will taste good. They are enormous.

Hope you have a good evening.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am impressed with your willingness to tackle the computer ills.
I only have a working knowledge, no functional knowledge so when they get independant, I turn them over to a pro.
If I wore a hat, it would be off to you.
Now you have me craving grapefruit.

Sue and Doug said...

double curses! are so brave to battle with modern technology..I think I would have given up already and bought a new computer!

Col said...

It seems like just yesterday that I bought myself this new computer... well, that yesterday has all too quickly turned into 4 years and it too is starting to have issues. I am hoping that doubling the RAM will improve some of the problems but I just know, when I ask about it, they are going to suggest a new machine. It seems we are in the age of curses. :-)

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