Saturday, March 05, 2011

Time Passages*

*Al Stewart, songwriter

Almost a month has come and gone since we arrived in Harlingen. We will have memories of friends, sun and wind. Lots of wind.

Ten years ago Denny and I spent two months here. We visited the military academy and the museum, drove way up to the King Ranch and toured it, toured aloe factories (no longer here) and fruit packing plants (also no longer here) so this trip was for enjoying our time with our friends and just chilling. Computer problems meant I didn't chill as much as I would like but I was finally able to get a little color back on my face thanks to sunny days.

I got a new toy this month; a Kindle. Denny discovered we could use credit card points to buy gift cards to the Amazon site so I indulged myself in a Kindle. I've been busy downloading old classics and favorites as well as some free word games to work my brain cells as I walk the cat. Free is good! Normally I like to take my camera on our walks, but this campground is basically all asphalt and concrete so picture taking opportunities have been few and far between. So I've been working my mind instead while Patches stalks birds and jack rabbits (who simply scurry out of range and sniff in disgust as she comes near.)

My biggest complaint about this area; it needs fun, locally owned and operated restaurants that specialize in American foods or foods of a nationality that is not Mexican. There is a dearth of good restaurants here which is a shame considering the number of "winter Texans" that arrive by the thousands after Christmas.

I think we are now totally finished with the Rio Grande Valley. Denny had fun playing golf with the guys instead of his golf duffer wife and I enjoyed a little time to myself after all these years of 24/7 togetherness. Sad to say, this part of Texas simply doesn't appeal to us for whatever reason. There are places where you instantly feel comfortable or "at home". This just isn't one of them. Monday we'll pack up and head north to explore a different area of Texas. It's my turn to play some golf with my man.


Arkansas Patti said...

Welcome to the land of Kindle. With just a little bit of hunting through the Amazon site, you can load that sucker in no time with some great reading--oldies and newies.
Sorry your location is not up to snuff. The beauty of RV'ing is that you can just move on. Interested to see where you go now.

Linda in New Mexico said...

It would take more than a kindle to help with my brain power.
How are ya girl? Are you eventually coming this way or are you gonna zig and not zag? And are you heading to Round Top or Warrenton for the spring Antique show?????? Or are you gonna see the bluebonnets in the hill country? Do tell. TOB, the other Linda

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