Friday, August 19, 2011

Cutting You a Break

For the past year or so I've been posting information about the golf courses we've played for any RVers who happen to golf.  I thought it might be helpful for those new to an area and who want to play a golf course that is less expensive than the country club level courses out there.

Realizing that our golfing adventures are of no interest to many (hi, Skippy!), I've decided to start a different blog where I'll be posting our golfing adventures from this point on.  For those who are interested you can find out where we're playing at Two Golfers--One Pension.  Over the next few days I'll be adding the previous golfing posts from this blog and then any new courses we play will be discussed there.

For today; we have a project to work on here in the RV, so my post and pictures of our day trip to Mystic Seaport will have to wait.  Plus I have to work on my post of our golf outing this week.

Catch ya later.


SkippyMom said...

Hey now - that is NOT what I said at all - I said your posts always come after you and I talk on the phone, so I have already commented on everything you have done. A comment would be redundant. heehee

I am the one waiting here for a picture of YOU golfing, remember?

Jeesh woman, nice way to throw me under the bus. I like the golf posts, don't take them off because of me - but I do like your new title [which I suspect is the real reason you want a separate blog.]

And this comment is meant in fun - so don't get on me about it either Momma.

Arkansas Patti said...

Love the title of your new post but I am one who will stay here. I used to play but can't due to an injury. Great idea.

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