Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weather or Not

At first our plans were to leave New Jersey on Monday. Then word of Hurricane Irene hit the air waves and yesterday I changed our reservations in Pennsylvania to arrive on Saturday since Irene was supposed to come roaring up the Atlantic coastline. This morning after discussing the fact that working folks might all decide to head out on their day off on Saturday, I once again changed our reservations so that we would leave here tomorrow morning (Friday) instead. Chances are good we won't have to fight winds and rain that way, which is a good thing too.

That being decided, since the news was also warning that high winds and strong storms would probably cause power outages throughout New England, Denny and I figured a trip to fuel up the truck and stock up on some basic groceries was called for so that was next on the list. RVing friends Ron and Nancy will probably also be leaving tomorrow so today we'll have lunch together. While the two of them haven't decided just where they will land, it may very well be at the same campground we're heading towards.

And I'm just waiting for Denny to say "if we were out west we wouldn't have to worry about this stuff", which encompasses bugs, tall trees, children, tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes. Sigh.


SkippyMom said...

Just be safe and enjoy your lunch. :)

vert word: nownses

And we'll be having none of the nownses missy!

Oh, and btw - I looked. There was "berbil" in that cake. heehee

Anvilcloud said...

I hope for you that this trip goes well.

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