Monday, March 19, 2012

Denny's Nightmare

Denny said he was awakened by a nightmare this morning; when he told me what is was I had to laugh.

The background; Denny and I have friends we met while working at a campground in Virginia years ago.  Tim and Penny gave up the RVing lifestyle when Penny starting having problems walking due to a still undiagnosed neurological problem.  The two of them settled in Florida and then moved to Alabama where they started a successful business and created a home for themselves and their two cats.  But the wanderlust was still running through their veins.

Last summer they took a couple of weeks off and drove up to Maine to meet up with us and eat lobster.  That road trip by van was enough to get them thinking about doing some travel by RV so I started looking around for a company that could build some sort of lift for Penny's electric scooter to install on their newly purchased travel trailer.  I located a gentleman in Texas that came up with a really neat solution and all of a sudden I hear that the two of them have put their business up for sale and they are anxious to get to Texas to have the lift installed so they can get on the road.  I figured that any day we'd have them knocking at the door to our rig here in California saying "hey, good to see you!"

Yesterday I got a call from Penny saying that she and Tim took a quick car trip up to Cherokee, North Carolina to hit the casino there and take a look at a local campground that was advertising for seasonal workers.  Darned if Tim didn't sign up to work there for the summer!  Naturally the first thing Tim said to Denny while he was on the phone is "come work with me!!!"

And that's where Denny's nightmare came in.  He dreamt he told Tim yes.  Heh.


Nan said...

Yep, going back to work would give me nightmares!

Anvilcloud said...


Arkansas Patti said...

That would wake me screaming. That said, Cherokee, North Carolina is a really nice place and one of my favorite places to visit. Of course they didn't have casinos then.

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