Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rollin’ Down the Rivah

2012-02-29viewsite239emeraldcoveparkerAZ (Copy)
This is the view from our dining room table for the next two weeks.  In the morning it’s bright and vivid and in the afternoon the mountains turn red and the light softens the edges of everything around.2012-02-29afternoonlightemeraldcoveparkerAZ (Copy)

Although we are on the California side of the river the campground uses Arizona’s Mountain Time Zone because there are no towns near us on this side of the border so they align with the time zone of the town of Parker which is across from us.  Weird, but time is relative, right? 

This is a wonderful area to relax because there really isn’t a lot to do otherwise.  There is a golf course nearby, but they have raised their prices so much that Denny and I refuse to play there.  We have explored the monument at Poston dedicated to the Japanese-Americans who were placed in the relocation camp in the area, as well as hit a few geocaches, drove out by the Nellie Saloon (although it was closed during the week) wandered up and down Hwy. 95 and squeezed our way illegally across the Parker Dam which is no longer wide enough to drive a dual wheeled truck across since they’ve put concrete barriers along the edges of the road after September of 2001.  Therefore this week we have made appointments to be worked on by a local chiropractor (who is wonderful) and will install the final window treatments in the bedroom, I’ve taken down our satellite modem and router due to frustration with tech support and have followed the suggestions of a RVing friend and switched to an air card with a fairly large data plan.  I don’t think it will support two people playing computer games so I’m weaning myself from the various F*cebook games online and downloading more library books to my Kindle.  The weather is still not as warm as we’d like, but it’s certainly better than the craziness that’s going on in the Midwest right now with the snow and rain storms and tornadoes.  All of which makes eventually settling in the western portion of the States a little more sensible.  Maybe.  Not there yet.

In the meantime, the morning sunlight has dropped a giant fistful of glitter on the river and I feel the pull of its siren song.  Catch ya later.





Arkansas Patti said...

That really is a lovely place and sometimes is is good to be forced into relaxation.
Get your back cracked and those window treatments finished.
Hope your weather stays nice.

Anvilcloud said...

If one has to do nothing (so to speak), it seems like a good place in which to do it.

Arkansas Patti said...

Thank you so much for stopping by with your hugs and kind words. You are right, I was so very fortunate.

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