Friday, March 01, 2013

Unintentionally Rude

To the gentleman who stopped by yesterday as Denny and I were breaking camp--I'm sorry.  I know you came down to tell us you had been reading my blog for years and wanted to chat.  Unfortunately Denny and I were on a tight schedule yesterday as we had an appointment in a town two hours away and needed to get to our next campground and get at least partially set up before we had to get to our appointment so we didn't stop to talk with you as we normally would have done.

So again, I apologize; we're normally not rude folks but we just didn't have the extra time to chat this time around.  Perhaps we'll run into you again--if you see my wi-fi network online again please give us another chance to make your acquaintance.  We love to meet new people and exchange views on the RVing lifestyle.  This time it was just bad timing.

Happy Trails!


maddyrose said...

Hi Linda and Denny, this is the first time your blog showed up on my blog reader since I started following you and so I took advantage of the situation and went back and read the posts I'd missed. You have been in some beautiful areas and the photos are wonderful. Have a great weekend. Stay safe and be happy. Hugs

Arkansas Patti said...

How disappointing for you both. Hoping you two get to meet again. At least he reads your blog and will get your message.

Joe and Carolyn said...

Don't worry about that. You were breaking camp and I kind of interupted that, a no-no. We've been on the road for 15 mo and having a ball.
We'll probably see each other again down the road. Headed west this summer.

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