Sunday, September 07, 2008

This Calls for RVers

There's an article online today that tells of a desert tortoise that was somehow moved to Idaho but left at a rest stop along I-95. The tortoise, now named Sadie, was taken to an animal preserve in Washington but that climate will soon be too cold for a desert creature. The preserve is looking for someone to adopt Sadie since she now has to be considered a domesticated pet from being in captivity for this long, but the owner has to live in a desert climate.

A willing volunteer has been found in Blythe, CA but that's on the border of California and Arizona way, way south so a way down there is needed for Sadie. Here's where a cadre of RVers would come in handy; Sadie could be moved south in stages by those who will be heading for warmer climes themselves.

Hey Bill and Diane, want to take the first leg?

1 comment:

Coll said...

I am so hoping that Sadie makes it back to the desert. With a name like that.. she must be one great gal. :-)

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