Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Foggy Morning in the Mountains

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
I can always rely on Lolcats to make me smile in the morning.

Fog is in the forecast this morning with visibility down to zero at times here in the mountains. I was planning a shopping foray but that might wait a day now. It has been raining off and on since yesterday, but that's better than the snow/sleet that Ohio is getting or the seven inches of predicted snow that our son in New York will be having to plow.

There is a large indoor pool here at the campground and on Monday I did my water aerobics routine for the first time in months and months. Yesterday it was raining so I stayed home and got my exercise using my Wii Fit (love it!). Why is it that I avoid walking in the rain to immerse myself in the pool to do water aerobics? Does that make any kind of sense? So today despite the rain I will go to the pool and do my workout. I always feel so loose and relaxed after 40 minutes of moving to music and it puts me in a great mood to get things done the rest of the day. Like Christmas cards. Sigh.

Time for some Christmas music to get into the mood.


Soulknitting said...

That Blue bird made me laugh! is the SECOND day this week Vegas has had snow. 378-42* degrees. Auto body shops are having a hay day (or 10) because people here don't know how to drive. Let alone in snow/rain.

Luna has been under blankets for DAYS and won't even go downstairs for any length of time because the first floor of the house is chilly!!!

Keep's good for you. Wish I had a Wii. But I have a stero and disco music. Luna even likes to dance sometimes (ggg). Stay warm.

simplycol said...

LOL at the cranky Blue Bird. Too funny!! :-)

Deana said...

We've been in heavy fog the past few weeks to. I hate being out too late driving in it. And I love my Wii Fit too! I think those are the neatest inventions.

I hope you guys have just a wonderful holiday!

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