Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Santa Lazy Sunday

EDITED 12/27/08: An anonymous poster brought it to my attention that it was a bad idea to post pictures of other people's children on my blog without the permission of the parents, so I have removed those pictures since I specifically mentioned the town we were in at the time. Mea culpa.

As Denny and I prepare for bed, the gentle "whoo-who" of owls perched in nearby trees lulls us into an easy slumber. In the morning we're awakened by the KA-BLAM!!! of shotgun blasts as hunters in camouflaged duck blinds on the lake start shooting in the pre-dawn hours. I resolve to wait for broad daylight to walk around the campground to be sure I'm totally visible to anyone with a loaded weapon out there.

Yesterday we drove into town to surprise friends Tim and Penny who moved to Albertville just last month. Penny spotted Denny the minute we walked into the mall area so we couldn't sneak up on them as we had planned, but it was a big surprise for them. The surprise for us was that Tim was volunteering as the mall Santa Claus, so I got a few pictures before we left them to their work.

Of course, I had to take the opportunity to whisper into Santa's ear what I wanted for Christmas.

Which required Denny to get into the act and entertain the kids still in the area by having Santa sit on HIS knee.

All in all, a fun first day in Alabama.


Phyllis Schaaf said...

Linda & Denny -
Just now catching up on your blog.

So sorry to hear about your mom (I hope you were able to find some help for her) but very excited to hear that you will NOT have to spend a very icy & cold winter in Ohio.

I would imagine that you will not be around for our get together in January, again, lucky you to be in some place nice & warm.

We will miss you.

Stay Safe!

Happy Birthday on the 21st (finally got it right).

Much Love, Phyllis & Pat

simplycol said...

I would love to hear the whoo-who of owls at night.. but not so much the shotgun blasts.
Love the Santa pictures... looks like so much fun. :-)

Deana said...

I think it is awesome that you guys had your photo made with Santa!

Anonymous said...

I like the photo with Santa, but I have to ask one thing.

The pictures of the two little girls? Do you personally know these two? It doesn't seem as tho' you do [I could be wrong] - but I would be hesitant to post pictures of others people's children anywhere on the net without the parents' consent.

Just a thought.

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