Monday, December 29, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The state of Alabama has been inundated with rain the last two weeks. It has been cold, wet, foggy, dreary, foggy, wet, dreary and cold up until the last three days when it has been warm, humid, foggy, wet and dreary. Today--the sun decided to come out. It was wonderful!

Despite the wet, Patches has taken a couple of walks every day. I have yet to figure out why she'll wander for an hour in one campground yet at the next one will only circle around the perimeter of the trailer over and over and over, fearful of leaving the "yard" surrounding the trailer. In Langston, we had no one around us, there were trees and squirrels and the lake and yet Patches wouldn't walk away from the trailer except for one day. Vicki says that Patches showed her where the term "'fraidy cat" came from. Sad, but true. But this week I've taken a couple of pictures around the campground because like our trip to the beach, it's been too foggy for scenic photographs of anything in the area.

There was no mistletoe here, but we had holly.

It took me a minute to figure these out, but I'm pretty sure they are bat houses.

This ugly guy was on the side of Black Beauty and as far as I was concerned, he could just stay there because I wasn't about to try to pick him off.

A pretty blue rock?

No, a mushroom!

There's a new campground called Riverside RV Resort down the road (very nice) that also backs up to the Styx River. This is the view from one of the riverfront camp sites.

A long walk can really tucker out a little kitty. When foggy nights prevent me from taking nice pictures of sunsets, you get kitty pictures instead.

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simplycol said...

Patches looks so content all snuggled up in HER chair. I wonder if her hesitation to explore is caused from unseen threatening creatures scent marking. Cats (and dogs) live in such a scent orientated world... so different from our own.

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