Monday, January 12, 2009

Let It Snow, Indeed

OMG, we discovered the hard way that 4-wheel drive is wonderful in snow and ice. The twelfth hour into our trip we were 60 miles from home when the snow started near the top of the worst hill heading out of Kentucky across the Ohio River into Ohio. Watching semi-trailers sliding sideways downhill does not bode well for the trip downhill ourselves and we started our own slide but Denny managed to get Beauty under control so that's when the 4-wheel drive went on. Even luckier was the fact that no one else lost control near us (there were several accidents on the highway according to the GPS system) so we eventually made it to my mother's house where we unloaded the truck, threw the cooler's worth of food into the freezer and refrigerator, talked briefly to my mother to see how she was feeling and then collapsed into bed.

I've made several follow-up appointments with various specialists for my mom, only to hear on the news that three new storm fronts are coming in over the next four days. Really? Does this have to happen this week? Do the weather gods know how long it's been since I've driven in snow? And isn't this why we decided to travel full time? To follow the sun and only see snow in pictures on other peoples' blogs? Sigh and double sigh. Bah and humbug.

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Winter driving is always a challenge. I am not sure how they managed so well before 4-wheel drive. Using chains, I suppose. Winter tires also make a difference.. at least that is what I hear. Is it truly still only January! So glad to hear you made it to your Moms safe and sound.

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