Thursday, January 15, 2009


The new weather forecast says wind chills will be at -24 degrees tomorrow. Am I ever glad that we decided to move the trailer south for the winter! There is no way we could have lived in it with temperatures like that!

Still concerned about Mom's thought processes. She's again suffering from diarrhea and it didn't occur to her at all to take Imodium or anything for relief from the symptoms. It appears assisted living would be the best idea for her but I'm not sure she wouldn't outlive her financial resources. I think the stimulation of being around a lot of other people would lift Mom's depression, so we'll have to start crunching numbers.

To all our RVing friends--appreciate the warm weather--I'm thinking of y'all!

1 comment: said...

Wow.. -24 is very cold even by Winnipeg standards. I hear this arctic air has arrived via Russia and is breaking cold records in both Canada and the USA.

Assisted living does sound like a good idea. My mom is in a place that offers some of these services. Having social contacts, especially during these long winter months does make a difference. This getting old business sucks.

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