Friday, January 16, 2009

Too Cold to Move

At least that's what Black Beauty thinks--she died on the way to the Ford service department to get an engine block heater installed. I guess the diesel fuel gelled up despite putting in additives to keep the diesel fuel fluid. The truck had to be left for a tow truck (at -10 degrees it was too cold to wait for the tow truck driver) Wind chills were -24 degrees. And people in North Dakota had -42 degrees--how do they stand it?

One more trip out to the chiropractor and then we're done for the day. At least the sun is out so it's warmed up to an almost balmy 3 degrees. So Vicki, no snow angel pictures as promised because it's just too darned cold!


Anonymous said...

Hubby's truck also died yesterday morning in our driveway. Thank goodness for the battery charger. It has saved us more than once. Here it looks like we are heading into a blessed warming trend. I hope it spreads your way.

Deana said...

I don't know how people stand those temps. I guess your culture or area gets used to different ways of life. We are down to 4-6 lately and we can't hardly stand it!

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