Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Tonight it's a seahorse, or maybe a dragon. During the day, it can be a goose in flight if I stand in a position where the bark from this shaggy bark hickory tree creates wings beside the head.

I know I disappeared this week. The cat-bit hand is better albeit still sore and a bit swollen. Lesson learned; don't get between a cat and a dog. 'Nuff said.

Still working on the house; I put the last of the estate sale leftovers on eBay this weekend. My brother and I decided to pack away a few things that are way too good to sell in this depressed market and he'll store them until the economy is a bit better. There's still two great lamps that I'm debating selling or storing but in the meantime, once I get the stuff I've sold packaged and mailed I can get to work on painting and fixing at the house. I still have to catalog the 8 crates of antique Christmas ornaments, but have put that off for a while. Those too might have to be stored rather than giving them away at today's prices. Mom would kick my a$$ if I did that.

Denny has been pulling/scraping up old floor tiles and putting down new this week. By Thursday afternoon he's more than ready for our three day weekend; we get some things done around the trailer but basically we do a lot of relaxing. The weather here has been surprisingly cooperative this month; we are having the coolest July on record and that's just fine with us. Our evenings are spent outside with Patches, watching the hummingbirds do their noisy aerial dogfight over the sweet nectar in our feeder and enjoying the otherwise quiet dusk.

It's not the life we'd choose for ourselves, but for now we just keep on keepin' on (yeah, I'm a 60s kind of gal).

As one of my favorite songs says: "The road is long, with many a winding turn..."


Anonymous said...

I can definitely see the sea horse.. and maybe even the dragon. :-)

I have thought of putting items up for sale on ebay.. but it seems rather complicated so I haven't. I will be interested on how your ebay experience unfolds. I think perhaps the shipping aspect might be an easier thing in the States... might be wrong though.

We too are having one of the coolest Julys on the history books. Not such a great thing way up here in the North.

SkippyMom said...

Darnit. I thought it was going to be a pic' of the Atlantic Ocean and you were teasing me that you were 10 sites down. :)

Not spending anytime on the net' except to do the necessaries, but I did see the title of the post and was all excited so I popped over on the off chance you and Denny managed to get down here.

We are tenters [as you know] but I was surprised that we are surrounded by RVs, Trailers and 5th wheels. They are the most lovely RVers and I see y'all in them. I hope you are having a great week and I am glad the cat bite is getting better. Give Patches a lil' love from me.

[and I am so kidding - I know you have to much to do - but I would love to send you a postcard - can you email me?]


Back to the coolie cold beer! :)

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