Sunday, July 12, 2009


No pictures this week--the highlights are only in my mind.

A hot air balloon landing in the middle of a cornfield mere feet from the roadway as we pass by in the early morning.

A doe leading her triplets (!!!!) out of the woods as we drive by. The tiny spotted fawns cautiously sniffing the air and testing the wet grass were a joy to see.

A cardinal sitting at the end of a branch in the woods, providing a splash of scarlet in a sea of green.

A bluebird in a pile of dead brush, flitting about like a blue exclamation mark.

Early morning fog dampening the morning light, creating silhouettes when the hummingbirds land on the window feeder.

A cookout to meet new in-laws; a strange mixture of old families, broken families, blended families and new families that came together harmoniously.

The pictures in my mind.....


SkippyMom said...

Nicely done - you painted a wonderful picture with your words Linda.

How did the cookout go?

Anonymous said...

You painted them perfectly. :-)

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