Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making It Our Own

The bad part about living in a RV is that there are only so many different things you can do to the exterior to make them distinct from the hundreds of Landmark fifth wheels out there.  While we were down in Los Algodones in Mexico to have our fish tacos and pick up a supply of cheap booze and pure vanilla Denny and I found a leaded glass window that I just had to have since it had a roadrunner, a saguaro cactus and a mountain on it.  So yesterday we installed it in our door to add a little southwest character to our rig. 
The window from the inside of the trailer.

I wrote yesterday about the first site we wanted that we missed; here's what we would have seen out our door.

Instead, we have this behind our trailer:
Now for the overall view of our section of the campground: you'll see The Beast hidden smack dab in the center of the picture among the trees.
A close up shows us wedged under the tree limb.
And finally, the flooded roadway one site away from us 
And that's today's pictorial essay.


SkippyMom said...

I love the roadrunner window! so bright and cheery!

So you didn't get your site, but at least you are pretty darn mobile in case the rains come. :D

Think of it as your own personal pond. [Yes, you can smack me now]

Glad the weather is holding up. Enjoy.

Kathy said...

The road runner window is terrific. I can't wait to get something similar for ours one day.

Val said...

I've been MIA for a you're new home! And the stained glass window is perfect.

Enjoy the beautiful country :)

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