Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We've Had Better Days

We have arrived in California and things aren't going well.

When we rolled down our windows to talk to the ranger upon arriving at our campground, we noticed a loud squealing noise as we were pulling up to the ranger kiosk.  Once we settled into our temporary site, Denny and I felt the wheel rims on either side of the trailer only to discover that we had a hot rim on each side, neither on the same axle.  Uh-oh, that can't be good.  Which means we'll have to find a local authorized Landmark dealer and have that looked at.

Today we had to wait for the full hook up site picks; you are supposed to check out the sites that are going to be vacated that day, pick several that you like and then wait with that day's incoming campers to have your name called and hope that the people before you on the list don't pick any of the sites you've chosen.  Naturally, the site we really wanted wasn't chosen until the lady whose name was just before ours, so we picked our fourth choice (the others had been picked by campers ahead of us) and then went back to our temporary site to wait for the site to be vacated.  Finally at noon the folks moved out and we moved in.  And it went badly, because there is a big live oak tree on the site and one big limb hangs twelve feet ten inches above the ground.  The bad news is the air conditioning unit on our rig is thirteen feet above the ground.  You figure it out.  There were words flying, tempers flaring and a lot of careful maneuvering to get into the site without further damage.  Eventually we got all set up, although not before the rains started.  What was forecast to be light showers is now a possibility of 2 inches of rain on top of already saturated grounds due to the heavy rains that occurred here last week. The flood warnings are out for rivers and streams and those in low lying areas.

And guess who is parked backed up to the creek?


At least it's scenic here.

And there were neat places to explore in our temporary site.

And I've crossed off the Oregon Junco from my bird list.

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