Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snapshots from Julian

It was cold this week, and windy and rainy and even snowy.  So we didn't play golf, we did get some chores done and we took a drive out to the Santa Ysabel casino and down to Ramona to see the Thousand Trails campground there.  A quiet week but a nice one.

Driving to Ramona we passed the camel dairy. Yep, camel dairy.
The vista viewpoint between Julian and our campground.  In the distant far right is the Salton Sea.
There are some artistic folks at the TT campground in Ramona.
The air is clear and the moon bright during a pre-dusk walk with Patches.
This western scrub jay loved the sunflower seeds I scattered outside our door.
This jack rabbit was huge; I thought it was a fawn when Patches and I startled him out of the brush  in the hills.
I only allowed Patches to climb on these rocks because it was cold; much warmer and I'm sure there would be rattlesnakes sunning themselves here.
Last night's snow was already beginning to melt at 7AM.  Thank goodness!

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