Monday, August 02, 2010

It’s Gonna Be a Hot Time

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It’s time to move on and we’re headed towards the “desert” part of the state of Washington.  Like so much of the country right now, the temperatures are forecast to be in the mid to high 90s for the two weeks of our stay.  I predict that Denny and I won’t be going out and about much in that heat since I have a tendency to suffer from heat exhaustion and Denny gets grumpy when he’s hot.  What a pair.  We did spend time in this area five years ago so we’ve already hit the highlights in case it does get just too darn miserable to go out.

But that also means we’re getting closer to Seattle and our upcoming cruise to Alaska! Yay!

See ya down the road!



SkippyMom said...

You guys can't catch a break - first the cold stayed with you and now it has gone straight to high temps.

It will cool off, I am sure, the closer you get to Alaska.

Tell Denny to look at the bright side. No trees in the desert. :)

vert word: gamellyi - Gamellyi tried to master the art of cooking.
[meh, not so much - but yours this morning - about the bike - cracked me up!]

Linda in New Mexico said...

Well ya's August and the sun is still trying to tell us it's brain is hoping for much for positive thinking. We've had literal gully washers here, flood advisories and all. Swamp coolers don't work in humidity over 20% so no cooler but hey.....we're alive and creek didn't rise too high. Gotta love it.
vert word ingfin..poor little goldfish can only swim in circles cuz he has an ingfin. Boooo hisssss

Gloria said...

Alaska? Wow, that should be great right about now. It's hot here too but probably not as bad as over there. Thx for stopping by my blog. I just started posting again and I've probably missed a few of your posts, sorry about that. In any case enjoy yourselves and be careful.

Col said...

In my books.. -30C may as well be +30C. I have little tolerance for either it seems.

Wow.. an Alaska cruise.. how exciting!

Ann from Montana said...

Hey Linda,

I did an Alaska cruise from Seattle/Vancouver about 9 years ago and it was wonderful. I didn't actually expect to enjoy it so a great surprise - wonderful scenery. I was with my just widowed mother - we did walking tours at every port, did not use the elevator on board so despite eating (and drinking!) very well neither of us gained. We went on the last cruise of the season - 1st week of September and had to buy shorts and tees along the way as we both packed for cool/cold weather :)!

I'd love to do it again, now that I am into photography.


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