Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Quincy Golf Course Aka Colockum Ridge

20100803colockumridgegcquincyWA [1600x1200]

Denny and I played the Quincy Golf Course five years ago when we were here in the area last. It was basically a cow pasture, a little rough, with young trees and an unusual watering system.

Today, the course is named Colockum Ridge Golf course, it's still a cow pasture, the trees have matured a bit and they still have an unusual watering system. However, they also have a coupon on the Internet for $10 green fees on Wednesday so with the $10 per person golf cart fee, means the two of us played for $40 today. That's a deal. Colockum Ridge Golf Course is an 18 hole course with a few water hazards, some sand traps and quite a few small trees. The slope/rating from the blue tees is 110/67 and the course is 6102 yards from the blues. There is no listed rating/slope for the women's red tees, but the yardage is 5208 yards.

20100803pivotirrigationcolockumridgegcquincyWA [1600x1200]

See that big metal thingamabob in the background? That's the pivot irrigation system that waters the course. It's quite unusual for a golf course-you'll see them in corn fields and other crop fields as watering systems. There's a water channel behind the irrigation system that acts as the water source.

20100803pivottrackcolockumridgegcquincyWA [1600x1200]

What appear to be golf cart ruts in the fairway are actually the tracks that the irrigation system follows as it pivots across the fairway automatically to water the entire area.

20100802tiltedtreescolockumridgegcquincyWA [1600x1200] Notice the tilted trees in the fairways. Our playing partner who is a native to the area told us that the trees are tilted due to the high and gusting winds that are a normal part of life here in the Columbia River Basin. 60 mph winds are normal, gusts to 100 mph occur. I appreciated the nice breezes we had that kept the high temperatures bearable. The course is in very good shape for the temperatures and lack of water in the area and the local players are courteous. Since we can play on the Internet coupon next week, we'll go back there, rather than go across the street from our campground and pay $80 for the two of us to play 18 holes on the nine-hole golf course at the resort. Where they allow this:20100803barechestedgolferscrescentbargcquincyWA [1600x1200]

I don't care if you have 6 pack or 12 pack abs--this is not appropriate on the golf course. No way, no how. Ever. Put a shirt on it, guys.

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SkippyMom said...

My chin hit the table when I saw that last pic'. No way. That is probably the most amazingly rude thing I have ever seen on a golf course [I think I just heard my father roll over in his grave - he loved his golf, but knew the etiquette inside and out]

Sweet deal on the coupon. Can't beat a round of golf with a cart for 40 bucks. Nice.

Who's the better golfer? And do you guys take bets on the whole game or a hole or two?

Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Anonymous said...

Good deal on the internet coupons and interesting bit about the irrigation system. I have seen that set up before on some of our prairie fields. I have to say.. your description on this particular golf course could be a fit to many of our local golf courses. :-)

Linda... the header picture.. is that one of yours? It is so lovely.

RV Vagabonds said...

Coll--if you are referring to the picture of our rig back lit by the sun, yep, it's mine. That was taken at a campground on the Raton Pass in New Mexico. It was one of those accidental shots that turned out different from what I had planned, but much better in actual execution. Thanks.

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