Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mystery Solved

Every morning at 7 AM I hear a very loud echoing "eee-YOW. eee-YOW. eee-YOW!" I'm thinking to myself, hurt cat? hawk in hunt mode? what?

This morning looking out my back window I discovered the source of the caterwauling.
Those peacocks go right along with the pony that herds a cow around in the field next to the campground. That pony dogs that poor cow like a border collie dogs a lamb. It's too funny.

Okay, for the next picture we'll play guess where we are? Texas? New Mexico? Arizona?
No indeed! We're in central Washington south of Ellensburg on Interstate 82. Not how you envision the state of Washington, is it?

Okay, how about this?

Yep, that's more like it. Rimrock Lake along WA-12.

Of course, there's always the iconic Mt. Rainier, also seen from WA-12 east of the National Park.

The temperature outside was 84 degrees when I took this from the truck as we were en route to our destination in Randle. It always amazes me to see snow on mountains when it's so hot outside.

Scenically, it was a great drive getting from Quincy to Randle. The roads varied in elevation from 700 feet to 4500 feet along the way with a few areas of high crosswinds along the way. Of course Black Beauty and the Beast take all of that in stride.

Here instead of columnar basalt there are striations in the rock. I believe this was in the Naches area along WA-12. I love all the variations in the lava flows and rock formations all over the country. I should have paid more attention in geology. Sigh.

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SkippyMom said...

Peacocks huh? That is awesome. That poor cow tho. Wish I could see it.

At least the weather is a bit more temperate.

Sue and Doug said...

glad you solved the mystery!!..hope you enjoy washington close to canada!!..come on up!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

When I was a kid (before the dinosaur roamed the earth) the back door neighbors kept peacocks and peahens so my dear...I can relate to your auditory pain. they sound almost like they are yelling "hellllp, hellllllp. Crazy birds, very territorial, very peck you and make you bleed. I remember.
Great pix as always. I am amazed at the scrubby one that looks like NM. Cool.

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