Monday, December 27, 2010

Swiss Fairways Golf Course

There are a lot of golf courses in the Clermont/Orlando area but Denny and I are fairly parsimonious when it comes to paying golf fees so this time around he picked the Swiss Fairways Golf Course. For the two of us to play eighteen holes with a riding cart it cost $53.50 and by the end of the day we thought it well worth the money.

You will notice the sand hill cranes in the middle of the first photograph; I'd much rather have these birds with their prehistoric sounding croaks than the ubiquitous and very messy Canada geese.
The photograph above is of the second hole on the golf course. This is a par three hole and the picture was taken from the women's tee. At the men's tee there is a sign warning golfers to watch for boats which made us wonder since we appeared to be at the end of a channel.
The next thing we knew, there was a roar of engine and this:
Yeah, how many golf courses have YOU played where there are water skiers training beside the greens?

Skier distractions aside, Denny was playing the blue tees today at 6725 yards with a rating/slope of 72.3/126 while I played the red women's tees at 4691 yards with a rating/slope of 63.2/109.

While a few houses came into play for Denny because of wildly errant shots, for the most part the fairways are wide open albeit lined with water on a few holes. It is the sand traps that make this golf course evil, as shown by the eighth hole, a par 3, below. The entire front half of the green is ringed with a long sand trap. Rather than deal with it, Denny and I both parred the hole, a first for us (parring the same hole.)
On the back nine the course started backing up with players and Denny and I ended up pairing up with Vincent and Jerry (the Americanized versions of their French names which I couldn't pronounce.) Vincent and Jerry are from Orleans, France and are spending the month in Florida. They both have traveled extensively in the western part of the U.S. in the winter time and both absolutely love the vast and scenic beauty to be found in our country. Denny and I agree! We spent the rest of a very pleasant afternoon on the golf course with these two gentlemen and followed our game with a great meal at the Oakwood Smokehouse which serves great BBQ. Denny and I tied scores (under a hundred but that's as far as I'll share) and we had a great day. We'd love to go back but the temperatures have dropped here in Florida and I don't think we'll be going out in 40 degree weather to play golf. We don't love the game THAT much!

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SkippyMom said...

Very nice - even a little entertainment with the boats - I have never seen that.

I wish that it would warm up before you guys leave so you could play one more time. Or that you make it to warmer weather soon. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

Funny you should mention playing when it is cold. This last week we have very mild temps during the day and of course the parking lot at the golf course near us was packed. And then it turned a little cold (like 42) during the day and ..... not much difference in the number of cars but that's because the wind wasn't blowing. The Sun when it is out in the winter is glorious....when you come back to NM you'll see what I mean.
The kids were outside at 7pm with their Mom (big kid) at 41 degrees playing stick ball in the dark. Crazy I tell you.
vert word persest....even in the cold the kids persest at playing.

Arkansas Patti said...

Good grief--40 degrees-- are you sure you are in Florida?
Have to agree about the Sandhills. They are so cool and you are right, nothing smells as bad a goose poop.

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