Saturday, December 18, 2010

Torrey Oaks Golf Course

For the second week of our stay in Wauchula we decided to play golf a little bit closer to home at the Torrey Oaks Golf Course in Bowling Green, Florida. This time we paid $23 each to play eighteen holes with a riding cart and we were able to pay those rates for a 10AM tee time. Credit cards are accepted for that rate also.

The fairways and rough is a little rougher at Torrey Oaks than what they were at the Bluffs. It is a much shorter course, playing shorter than the distances given at the tee boxes and on the score card which was rather confusing for us first time players. Per the score card, the blue tees have a yardage of 6335 with a slope/rating of 128/70.7 while the women's tees have a yardage of 5075 yards and a slope/rating of 116/68.1. As I said, the course played shorter than that, as I ended up with four pars and that is unheard of for me--I am a bogey/double bogey golfer through and through. So I for one, had fun on the course.

There are a several holes with water hazards although they really don't come into play for the women's tees. There are plenty of sand traps and this is a course where they make sure to have a rake attached to the back of the riding cart so there's no excuse for not raking the sand traps.
There are houses built on the course and they can come into play with errant shots as can some of the trees but if you hit the ball straight this is an easy course for the average golfer. We were joined on the back nine by a French Canadian couple whose grasp of English wasn't terrific but who played some really good golf and we managed to have a good time despite a bit of a communication problem at times. For my golfing ego, I'd play this course again simply to see a lower score than I normally shoot.

Although we didn't check out the daily/weekly rates since we're staying at a free-for-us membership campground, Torrey Oaks Golf Course also has an adjacent RV park that is very attractively set up and maintained with spacious RV sites. Stay and play, as it were.

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Linda in New Mexico said...

Looks like so much fun and the weather is fabulous.
We got just a dap of snow yesterday. Just enough here in Burque to be inconvenient but elsewhere in the state.....quite a problem.
Hey, we have had a decorating fest going on with the Gingerbread email you sent us. Thanks so much. Has kept the critters laughing and enjoying themselves, ever since I passed the mouse over to them to decorate. Thanks so much for forwarding this fun site. You da bestest.
The Olde Bagg, Linda

SkippyMom said...

When were you going to point out you won by pissing your husband off - hmmmmmm.


I do like the pic of him tho' - very nice.

And yes, I have internet. I will haunt you.

Anonymous said...

Even in photos.. it feels strange to see so much green this time of year. Snow on snow is all there is out side my window.

SusanBrownPR said...

Hi RV Vagabonds :-)

I came acrosee your blog while doing some marketing research for Torrey Oaks Golf Course. What a nice blog you have! We hope you are having a nice summer and we look forward to seeing you again this golf season. Feel free to visit Torrey Oaks Golf Course's Facebook page and "like" us. There you can find our most recent rates, photos and maybe even connect with the nice French Candian folks again. :-)
Have a safe trip back down to Florida. We will see you soon!
Best Regards,
Susan Brown

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