Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deep In The Heart Of Texas--Kinda

We have arrived in Beaumont, Texas for the night. Last night our water lines almost froze, allowing just a trickle of water through for some scary moments before the water started running more freely. We're tired of the cold, but had to wait for a couple of special deliveries to the campground after a few things fried when we had the electrical problem in Robertsdale, Alabama. Tomorrow we'll head to Rockport, Texas for two weeks and we're hoping for slightly warmer temperatures and getting in a couple of trips to the Big Fisherman restaurant for their chicken fried steak and margarita specials and also getting a couple of things straightened out with our tires. We had a flat tire on the trailer this morning before we left and we're hoping it's a misplaced washer on our tire pressure monitor and not a nail or bad valve. Replacing the tire was an hour's delay to our departure, but that was an annoyance, not a disaster. And that's kind of a nice change of pace for us.

I'll probably whine about the wind once we arrive in Rockport, but we arrive in Texas knowing that it is going to be windy here. Very, very windy. It will be windier still in Harlingen, but Don, Vicki, Dan and Dee are already at the campground we've chosen so there will be dinners and happy hours and campfires and talking and golf and fun. It will be Myrtle Beach without the beach. And I'm ready for some fun after all the cold and rain and dreariness and stupid stuff going wrong with The Beast. Because isn't that the whole point to all of this--to have fun? As Denny and I like to say; "we deserve it." Heh.

So here's hoping for some more upbeat posts in the next few weeks. It's about time, don'cha think?

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Sue and Doug said...

soon you will be warm again!!!

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