Friday, January 28, 2011

Not a Fan

I'm not a big fan of country western music, but I was reading the Wagonteamster's blog yesterday and he talked about one of his favorite songs there. Since I'm always curious to hear what other people's taste in music is, I clicked the link to People Are Crazy by Billy Currington. And you know what? Darned if I didn't like the video. Perhaps because I've spent evenings in bars talking to total strangers about shoes and ships and sealing wax so I could relate. Perhaps it's because he has a winsome smile, crinkly eyes and curly hair. Whatever the reason, I'm sharing it with you.

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Sue and Doug said...

people are crazy!..that is a great song..but there is also..the Johnny Ried, one called Change the World or the one by Rodney Atkins called Honesty!..give those a may begin to like country music!!..have a great day!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Country music is what it some it will always be Tammy Wynette and others you can sorta see the genre incorporates lots of other styles and plenty of subjects that are appealling to lots of folks.....and besides Billy is a cute huh?
TOB, Linda

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