Sunday, April 10, 2011

Down the Road

This week while in Branson we became "undivided fractional owners" of a two story Cape Cod in a gated vacation resort development. Think time share, kinda. And your first question will be "why, Linda?" After all, we are on vacation 52 weeks a year in our house on wheels. Yep, yep, you are right. However the reasoning behind our purchase lies in the fact that within the next few years we'll be settling down somewhere. We've been on the road for thirteen years now and if all goes as planned we'll check off visiting our 50th state by the end of this summer. We're starting to think about where we'll live and when we do settle we'll still probably want to get away for a week or so and owning a piece of one of these homes will allow that. Or, should I decide that I want to soak in a Jacuzzi tub in "our" place, wander down to the clubhouse to watch a movie on a big screen outdoors or swim in bad weather in their indoor pool, well then we can drop our rig behind the sales office and plug into their electricity at their reserved RV sites and drive over to the Village and enjoy our week's stay.

We'll have the option of banking our weeks and trading our resort stay for one in Hawaii, or Steamboat Springs or others within the same company's ownership, or through the international membership we can reserve a week at an Irish castle or a place in Paris, etc. Our sons have the option of getting very inexpensive week-long vacations either by staying here in Branson or visiting one of the sister resorts. We wanted them to have the chance to enjoy exploring new areas of this country also. Was it the wisest thing we've ever done? Time will tell. But I'm hoping that our sons will benefit from this even more than we do. And in the meantime, I can see myself sitting on the balcony looking out over a veritable rainbow of homes, listening to the waterfall beside the house and enjoying the fact that when I walk out the door, someone else will come in and clean the place top to bottom.
Yep, we're probably crazy.
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Linda in New Mexico said...

Well let's pour an adult beverage and toast to crazy....I love it. The Olde Bagg

Arkansas Patti said...

It is darling and Branson has a lot to offer. I think it is a great idea. Also Branson would have good trade value for other parts of the country if you wanted.

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