Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hail X 2

Tuesday was a weird day for us. We were awakened by a thunderstorm with hail at 4AM. It was too dark to see the size of the hail but the way it was hitting the roof we figured we'd have some dents in Black Beauty when we got up. It turns out we were damage free, fortunately.

Then in the afternoon the security guard came through the campground to tell us that a bad storm was coming and the weather service was saying that if a tornado developed that due to the size and strength of the storm it would hit hard and quick. The best shelter is a half mile away from us in the activity center (this is a HUGE resort) since the family center nearer to us has very large plate glass windows. We pulled out the weather radio and set Patches' carrier near the door and waited. When the storm arrived, there was sound and fury and hail ranging from the size of a pea to the size of a golf ball. If we thought the hail in the morning was loud, it was nothing compared to the sound of what was hitting our trailer last night. There were two waves of hail but as quickly as it arrived, the storm passed through and we didn't have to leave the rig.

I did open the door to the trailer to try to take a picture of the larger pieces of hail, but I wasn't interested in getting battered simply for a photograph so I just snapped two quick shots.

Did anyone tell the weather gods that it's MARCH that comes in like a lion?????


Arkansas Patti said...

This really has been a violent month, make that year.
A storm in an RV must be a whole nuther experience. Talk about vulnerable. Hope it calms down for you.

SkippyMom said...

I don't want to think about a storm like that in your home. Eeek!

Glad everything is okay, but I bet my cat wasn't happy.

I need another kitty fix. Can you send me a pic' please. :said with a whine: :)

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