Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pros and Cons

I've noticed a lot more full timing singles lately out on the road. Last month I received a comment from a recently widowed lady who had just purchased a new truck and fifth wheel with her husband with the intent to hit the road as full timers. Unfortunately he became ill and passed away quickly shortly after their purchase. This gal (calling herself "another Linda") mentioned that she had been thinking of selling the 5er and truck for a small motorhome before reading my web page about the pros and cons of each.

Truth be told, while I love the space of our Beast, I think if something happened to Denny I would seriously consider trading in our rig and truck for a Class C motorhome. My thinking on this would be that it would be more fuel efficient (since I would have less income), I could fit it into camp sites that are currently unavailable to me due to the size of the Beast, I could pull it into the driveways of friends and family for visits, I could tow a small fuel efficient car (or even a scooter!), engine oil changes/maintenance would not be as high as a regular size motorhome, the tires would be the same size as a car or truck and therefore not as expensive as a regular motorhome, for personal safety I could immediately pull away from a camping spot without leaving the safety of the Class C if need be, I could stop at area attractions while driving from campground to campground and not worry about being too big for the parking lot and I could boondock for a night or two in places where the Beast could never go. And those are just for starters.

Granted, two motorized vehicles (the Class C and towing a small car) means a difference in insurance costs, but currently we pay a bit more due to our truck which is considered a medium duty vehicle so I think that would almost balance out. I think I would feel more secure in a setting that was a little more cocoon like if I had to travel on my own. I certainly don't need the tall ceilings that Denny needs and I think that having to once again use laundromats would have the benefit of meeting people who could tell me about the good places to see and great restaurants to try in any one area. It would mean downsizing the "stuff" I own even more but I think that would be do-able also.

So, Another Linda, there are always options. If you keep that lovely new fifth wheel I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And while you're out there, check our itinerary at the bottom right side of the blog to see where we'll be--perhaps we'll run into each other out there somewhere.

I hope so!
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Laurie and Odel said...

Interesting post! I, too, would opt for a smaller rig (and a motorhome) if I traveled solo. More camping options open with each decrease in size, and I'm sure the optimal size for me as a solo is smaller than our current rig (38' Class A) - which is optimal for two of us.

One thing I would mention: though you don't have to get out of your motorhome to turn the key, the reality of driving off if you feel unsafe is that it would be problematic - unless you weren't hooked up to any utilities and your towed was connected to your rig (though I suppose you could come back for it later). Unless you are boondocking, drycamping, or in a rest stop, you are likely to be plugged into E and/or hooked up to water and perhaps sewer, making driving off troublesome.

One other thought: parking a MH in a campsite is FAR easier (particularly for the inexperienced) than parking a 5'er. Setting up and getting ready to leave are both far quicker with a MH, too. In any sort of worrisome situation (fire, rising water), I would much rather be in a MH, even if it meant leaving a towed behind for a quick exit.

RV Vagabonds said...

Laurie, what my intent was to imply was that in a real emergency (like someone trying to break into my rig) I would be willing to drive off quickly, even if it meant pulling out my power cord and water hoses (which could always be repaired later, albeit at an expense.) In a fifth wheel, you are a bit of a captive inside, with no quick egress during extreme times.

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