Saturday, May 14, 2011

What We See

In between rain showers and thunderstorms Patches and I will explore what we can of the woods that surround our campground. It means I have to scrape a couple of pounds of mud from my shoes each trip, but spring in Ohio is a beautiful time and this year I've discovered new wild flowers in the woods. This is our fourth time here at this particular campground and although Denny and I have arrived here this early in the spring before I've never seen some of the flowers I'm seeing this year.

Spring larkspur:
This year I discovered an abberation--a white larkspur. I've only found one plant athough there are thousands of the purple ones here.
A Jack-In-The-Pulpit:
Another plant I had to look up--a May Apple. Its single white blossom is hidden under a huge umbrella like leaf. I tilted the plant to get this shot.This year for the first time ever there were purple trillium blooming in the woods along with the white ones, but when I discovered them I didn't have my camera with me and then it rained for several days and by the time I got back out to photograph them, all the trillium had died. *sigh*

I have no idea what kind of tree this is since I can't find my tree identification book and nothing I found about Ohio's deciduous trees online matched the blossoms here. But isn't it lovely in the sunlight?
Spiderwebs and dew. Love it.
Because Patches wanders so slowly, stopping to sniff and investigate every moving blade of grass out there, I chanced to see this through a thicket--a deer carcass.The woods are very lush due to all the rainfall and also filled with poison ivy so I don't get close to the ground to get better shots as I would normally try to do. I just don't look good in rash red.Of course with all the rain we've had here, as soon as the sun came out the temperatures rose to 90 degrees and the humidity was a zillion percent. So stopping and resting on the cool planks of a wooden bridge seemed to be a good idea to Patches. And on a side note, a blogger I follow lost her furkid Francis yesterday. So this is for her. Someday the bridge will be a rainbow bridge.
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Arkansas Patti said...

Hope that deer died of natural causes and not at the hand of a hunter with poor aim.
Always amazed at your taking a walk with your cat.
So sorry about your friend. It is so painful losing our furry ones.

SkippyMom said...

So sorry to hear about Francis - and your blog [of all blogs] is not supposed to make me cry, but that pic' of Patches on the bridge is breathtaking and very poignant.

It looks beautiful in your part of the world. Hope it stays cool for you.

[You know I told Patches to lay down and not move, just to hold up your walk, don't you :wink:]

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