Wednesday, May 04, 2011

You Have Mail!

As full time RVers who move on to a new location every week or so, people ask us how we get our mail. It's often the first question we are asked about our lifestyle. Denny and I belong to an organization called Escapees that is based in Texas and they have created a mail forwarding system for those of us who travel. We have all of our mail sent to them and once a week/bi-weekly/monthly/whatever we tell them by email where we're going to be and they will package up our mail and send it to that location or campground. Naturally over the course of the years we have winnowed the amount of mail we receive, cancelling all magazine subscriptions and catalogs and having automatic bill payments made so that we aren't paying extra to have unnecessary items mailed to us. But like everyone else, we still love that anticipation of opening up a big envelope or box to see what surprises await us.

This week I received a note from my cousin (handwritten notes--yay!) and she included a couple of snapshots she had found in one of her mother's photo albums. For years my cousin's mother and step-father spent several weeks camping at Myrtle Beach with my parents. The first couple of years my parents went along with them they stayed in my aunt's travel trailer but eventually they purchased their own pre-owned pop top trailer which they only used to camp at Myrtle Beach.

I had to smile when I saw these photos because my father was a perfectionist and a "children should be seen and not heard" type of person. We, his children, rarely saw a playful side so these two snapshots were a gift. Mom and Dad are both gone now; Dad died in 1996 from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and Mom passed away two years ago from complications of surgery.

Thank you, Datha, for both the lovely note and sharing your photos with me. Thanks to your mom and thus later my parents Denny and I discovered Myrtle Beach where we too have passed many peaceful and joyous weeks.

Isn't mail fun?

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SkippyMom said...

Just wonderful. What nice memories. I know they are yours and your parents, but knowing how much you love them brought tears to my eyes.

Your cousin is so great to share them with you.

Linda in New Mexico said...

How absolutely priceless. There's mail and then there is the really good stuff. I too just love a hand written note. Makes me feel that the writer and I connect physically somehow.
And how good of your cousin to share like that. As Martha would's a good thing.
vert word is derbias. I know you are derbias but I bet your cousin is a favorite person for sure.

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