Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Three days before Denny and I are due to leave for Myrtle Beach, my mother passes out getting up from the john and falls face first into the bath tub. End result, a mad dash up I-75 from Cincinnati and an emergency call to my brother at work to get him over to her house since I have a 50 minute drive. Still, I got to the hospital as he was walking her out of the car into the emergency room.

A CAT scan shows no fractures, no internal bleeding in her head. She has a ginormous black eye that has moved from over her eyebrow to halfway down her nose. By tomorrow I'm sure it will be the entire side of her face. She refuses to put ice on it "because it hurts". Sigh.

I've decided that Denny and I will go to Myrtle Beach anyway, a rather selfish decision. We already paid for our (non-refundable)reservations and I have a brother and sister that live within ten minutes of my mother so I figure it's their turn to manage some of her care. When Denny and I return we'll all have a sit down with Mom to figure out where we go from here, but for once big sister isn't going to be here to take care of everything. I think it's going to be an eye-opening experience for my siblings.

And yes, I'll feel guilty and yes, I'll worry and fret, but I promised Denny time away from his dad's place and caring for my mom for a while and so we're going. Right now, life isn't very much fun.

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Coll said...

Oh Linda, I am sooo sorry to hear of this. Yes.. I agree. Go to Myrtle Beach and try not to worry. Your siblings can manage, I am sure. You and Denny have carried so much this past summer. You so deserve a respite.

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