Sunday, October 12, 2008

Late on a Lazy Sunday

The sound of rain on the roof makes me look up. It's simply leaves pattering down from the wafting breeze. Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, fall is making its appearance here.

Denny, Connie and I consider ourselves lucky to be enjoying summer-like temperatures now after spending the majority of the summer inside their father's house making repairs. We lost those summer months so having temperatures in the 80s in October feels like a gift to us. The azure of the sky lately has rivaled that of Arizona although the lack of rain means our normal colorful fall tree leaves are a distinct disappointment this year. Thank goodness for the blogs of those who are still traveling so I can get my fill of fall color!

October means apples to us and we've drunk our first gallon of freshly made apple cider from a local orchard and will have to get more. Denny just put an apple pie in the oven, using Northern Spy apples for the first time. The scents of apples, nutmeg and cinnamon are making me drool already. It's our reward to ourselves for getting more of the downed tree cut up and moved on our Lazy Sunday.

Speaking of, this one will be random as my thoughts have been flitting here and there today. Enjoy this lovely autumn day!
Fall in West Virginia is not to be missed. We haven't explored a great deal of West Virginia and when I remember our time spent in Pipestem, I realize it's our loss.

There's beauty in fungus, when it is a red mushroom hidden in the forest.

The rose beds of the city flower garden in Wilson, North Carolina had fall colors rivaling anything Mother Nature painted on a tree.

Santee, South Carolina is far enough south that there's not a lot of fall color, but the quiet beauty of a small river more than makes up for that.

The Dillon Pinnacles in the Blue Mesa area of Colorado didn't need color to draw the eye.

Golden Aspens catch the eye in Colorado. These are near the San Juan mountains.

Spring, summer, fall or winter sunsets are intense in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

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Coll said...

I too love this time of year. Our temps have really cooled off but many of our days remain sunny and warm. This is my favourite time of year. ( I think I must say that with every season.. except for maybe winter) :-)

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