Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Did It Again

I had lined up the shot: the sun shining down brightly on the dew-drenched first hole of the golf course, trees with orange, yellow, brown and green leaves in the background. I snap the shot and see "no memory card". NO MEMORY CARD IN THE CAMERA! ARRRRGGGHHHH. I had been uploading photos the night before and that's where the SD card was--still in its snug little slot in the computer.

And what did we see on the golf course yesterday? Eight wild turkeys on the tee box of the second hole, no more than fifteen feet away from us. An otter playing in one of the ponds along the fairway of one of the holes on the back nine. At least thirty photos ops of fall color, blue skies, the Whitewater River and more. Naturally. Because I had no memory card in the camera.

As we were playing golf Denny and I first discussed putting an extra memory card in the truck--not good because I'd leave the truck without it and discover I needed it when we were out on the golf course or halfway to a geocache, etc. Then we decided we could duct tape one to the bottom of the camera. Okay, we'll try that.

The idea of taping a memory card to the bottom of the camera didn't work because I occasionally use a tripod and that would make the camera uneven on the base of the tripod. Hmm, next idea, putting a hole in the card case and tying it on the camera strap. No, I could see the case catching on something and ripping off. But we're on a roll here. How about if we cut a slit in the case and put it on the strap? Denny's next idea was to put TWO slits in the case and run the strap through it so the case didn't dangle loose. I came up with the idea of making the slits by heating the end of a flat blade screwdriver and melting a slit in the case, which rounded the edges of the plastic so it wouldn't cut into the woven nylon camera strap. Voila'; the perfect solution to always having a memory card for the camera.
The SD memory card is secure in its case because it has a small latch at the bottom end of the case.

Denny ran the camera strap through the slits that he melted into the case.

Put our two minds together and we're downright dangerous. ;-)


The Token Liberal said...

Of course, it would have been easier to just remember the memory card. ;)

Linda and Denny said...

Since I often grab the camera at the last minute as I'm going out the door, I sometimes forget the dang card.

Don't sass your mother.

Deana said...

Oh I've gotten so mad over that. That and my battery going out on me!

Coll said...

A perfect solution and quite ingenious. :-) I have done this more than once myself. Now I always carry an extra in my case. And all those missed photo ops!!! I understand your pain. :-)

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