Thursday, October 09, 2008

When Hurricane Ike blew through several weeks ago, taking down trees and knocking out power for over a week in many areas of Ohio, we had but a few minutes of rain that day. Since then, cutting the grass creates a dust bowl effect and the tomato plants are wilting by the day.

But yesterday we finally had a long, leisurely, gentle rain that lasted most of the day. Which made it a good day for making a batch of applesauce from the Northern Spy and Melrose varieties of apples we picked up at a local orchard the other day. While sneaking a bite of each of the two types of apples I casually mentioned to Denny how good the two apples would be in a PIE, but that little comment seems to have gone right over his head. Perhaps because last week he made his sister a peach-blueberry pie and she left half of it for us since there's only one of her and two of us.

Because of that lovely rain Denny and I spent the early part of the day inside just goofing around and it felt good. We still have to cut up and move the large fallen tree behind the trailer and straighten up the garage a little more, but we're kind of coasting on the house right now. It's just not a good time to be trying to sell a house.

But the sun always returns, the seasons continue to change and eventually everything will fall into place. And we're okay with that.

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