Saturday, March 27, 2010

Laying Low

I had all sorts of things planned for the week and only one thing happened; my tooth exploded.  Well, not really, but I developed a bad infection around one of my crowns and until that gets cleared up we won't be able to figure out what's going on. The dentist warned me I may be facing a root canal or a bone graft.  Gee, and the good news would be?  Sigh.

I did stuff myself with pain meds for a round of golf with friends Dan and Dee but that apparently was pushing it because for the last two days I've been in a lot of pain and my face looks like something out of the Phantom of the Opera.  Therefore, I've spent my time laying around with a cold washcloth on my face instead of sightseeing.  As Denny says, it will all be here the next time we come through. Yeah, but I wanted to see it THIS time around, dang it! 
Don and Vicki arrive tomorrow; we'll have happy hour with them and Dan and Dee and then the RV Vagabonds will be heading back to Arizona for a couple of weeks.  Places to go, people to see, things to do, don'cha know?  Or not, depending on this darned tooth.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear this. A similar tooth disaster once happened to me and I remember being amazed at how swollen and round one side of my face became. The pain starts to dissipate once the face starts to swell cause the pressure is released but overall this is not a good thing. I am hoping that you are on antibiotics for this.

Funny how we take our teeth so much for granted.. that is until something like this happens.

Good luck with all of this. Hope the infection is better by now. Not fun.. no not fun at all.

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