Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too Much Sunshine

What kind of person complains about too much sunshine?  Me, I guess.

It's been beautiful here in Palm Desert and that's the problem.  Denny and I have a few projects in mind and it's very difficult to make ourselves haul out tools and supplies when the sunshine and warm, orange-blossom scented breezes lure us to simply sit outside and enjoy the nothingness of basking in the sunlight.  Even Patches has been content to stay within the confines of our site lazing in the shade, but that's more because of the gophers moving about just underneath the surface of the soil rather than any desire to sit quietly in one area.

So what we need is a day of gentle rain so that I can get off my duff and add a couple of coats of polyurethane to the dining room table and end table, sew some elastic bands to my picnic table and bench covers to make them fit a bit more snugly and Denny can work on creating a new satellite dish support pole to attach to our fifth wheel's ladder to perch the satellite dish up high (making it once less thing to trip over and one less tripod to haul out).

Sadly, because the forecast is for sunshine and daytime temperatures of 88 degrees today, we'll have to spend the morning browsing the goodies at the farmers' market in Palm Springs instead of working.  Dang.


SkippyMom said...

hush up.

vert word "comis" - you and Denny are communist for posting this.

[seriously? Enjoy]

Anonymous said...

Want some get some work done... may I suggest that we change spaces. :-)

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