Friday, June 24, 2011

Change in Plans

I would love to send some of this rain to our friends and neighbors out west. My reasons are not entirely altruistic; we had a tee time to play golf today and had to cancel because of the rain and threat of severe thunderstorms. Which is not a good time to be waving a three foot long metal club around above your head. It has been years since Denny and I were in this general area and we were looking forward to playing golf here for the first time and also doing a little more sightseeing. We don't try to play golf on the weekends since that's the only time worker bees get to play so the two of us are hoping for some sunny skies so we can wander over to the Lake George area for some lunch and photo taking opportunities.

So instead of enjoying a nice day on the links I'm tentatively mapping out a route for us for when we leave Myrtle Beach this fall. I am not making reservations, I am not carving this in stone, because I know all too well what happens now when I make plans several months in advance; some sort of bad stuff happens and I'm am heartily tired of the bad stuff in my life. I haven't even really planned our route for exploring the seaboard states this summer, choosing to make my reservations less far in advance. Denny is worried that we won't find campgrounds if I don't make all my reservations and have all my ducks in a row, but recently my poor ducks have been shot down so I'm going to wing it a little more this camping season. I am booked up into July, but hey, it's late June already so that's okay. Normally I would have our reservations made until we are due to arrive in Myrtle Beach in October but not this time. Nope. No more tempting the fates. I'm done with that.

A side effect of all this rain has been the over abundance of mosquitoes. Even Patches has been taking short little walks because of the pesky things flying in her face and trying to bite her nose. Everyone here walks their pet carrying mosquito repellent and when folks do stop to chat their conversations are punctuated with flailing arms while swatting away hordes of mosquitoes from their faces and ears. That probably sounds like a petty annoyance to the people out west who are evacuating their homes due to the wildfires occurring everywhere. Hasn't it been a crazy year so far, weather-wise? Enough, Mother Nature!!!!

In the meantime, back to my maps....

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Arkansas Patti said...

My brother RVs in Florida for the winter and I have all ready been making his reservations for him--he doesn't have a computer. They stay at Army Corps parks and they have to reserve 6 months in advance. That would probably drive you nuts.
I wouldn't like it either for it kills spontaneity. You do what you have to do I guess. Hope you get some dry time.

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