Monday, June 27, 2011

Ready for a New State

Our time in New York is done. While the eastern part of New York is scenic, this week it's done nothing but rain and the mosquitoes are positively evil here. Denny and I won't be going that far, just over the border to Vermont where we'll be checking another state off our list of the fifty to be seen. We're whittling it down.

It was a quiet week for us, thanks to the rain. I did get one thing accomplished however. I was reading the blog of a RVing couple who lost their fifth wheel to a fire recently. It seems they had a wheel bearing or brake lock up which caused their tire to explode and that somehow sparked a fire. One small fire extinguisher wasn't enough to stop the fire and although the fire department got there quickly, the damage was done. The couple is now blogging about their experience with RV dealers and insurance companies and their emotions at the loss of their home. This got me thinking since we had a tire blow out on the interstate last month and by the time we were finally able to pull off the road our wheel was smoking very badly which means we could have been in the same position. All these years I have been talking about doing an inventory of our possessions (which while not extensive are too many to think of when stressed out) so this week I took the easy way out. I opened all the drawers and cupboards and took pictures of the contents. Knowing that we might not have time to grab the computer in an emergency, I then posted the pictures to a Picasa web album online and made the status of the album private so it can only be seen by us. This way I can pull up the pictures from any computer by signing into my account and at least have a pretty good idea of everything I have stored inside.

Next up, buying a thumb drive and scanning receipts on some of the big ticket items we have along with a password list and copies of important documents. I think that will go in my purse. Another rainy day project.


SkippyMom said...

Good work! I hope you like VT [& h@ve pho*e service. I'm sufferi*g over here. heehee]
Hugs & lots of love!

Arkansas Patti said...

Very smart idea. I once made a fair living video taping peoples possessions. When catastrophe strikes, the insurance guys want a listing.

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